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At Brighouse High School our curriculum is values driven and at its heart is our ethos of ‘Together in Learning; Together in Life’. We believe that the curriculum spans the totality of a student’s experience; our subject offer, programmes of study, assessments, pastoral support, extra-curricular activities, visits, mentoring and enrichment and that all these elements come together to give students a breadth and depth of experience that prepares them for a successful future.

Our curriculum comprises a broad and balanced range of subjects, which aims to nurture high aspirations and prepare students for the opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing world. In Key Stage 3 students are taught the full range of subjects so that then, as they progress through school, they can increasingly start to follow their passions to gain a truly deep understanding of individual subjects, leading to a rich body of knowledge and building cultural capital.

The curriculum at Brighouse High School is inclusive and aims to prepare all students to become autonomous individuals, capable of fulfilling their potential and equipped to be active and responsible members of society. We want them to have the confidence, resilience, competence and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing society. We value a holistic approach to educating the whole person with a focus on spiritual, moral, social and cultural education (SMSC). We therefore create opportunities for students to:

  • acquire a broad range of knowledge, understanding and skills which promote their overall development and prepare them for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities of adult life and employment;
  • appreciate human achievements and aspirations;
  • develop lively and enquiring minds and to think creatively and critically in order to solve problems;
  • develop physical skills and pursue a healthy lifestyle;
  • become individuals capable of spiritual, moral, intellectual and physical growth and development;
  • appreciate the environment as the basis for sustaining life and a source of wonder and inspiration;
  • discover this country’s rich and diverse culture, its history and gain an understanding of its place in the world;
  • learn about society, truth, freedom, justice, human rights, the rule of law and collective  effort for the common good;
  • understand respect for others and for themselves;
  • develop the strength of character and attitudes to life and work, such as responsibility, determination, care, generosity and enterprise which will enable them to become citizens of a successful democratic society.

By offering a breadth of opportunities and experience in conjunction with high quality pastoral care and outstanding careers education and guidance, our curriculum leads to strong character development. It aims to ensure all students are included and supported to reach their potential. Where necessary, we adapt our provision to take account of the needs of individual students by providing support or additional curriculum provision.

We aim for all students to achieve excellent outcomes and we measure this not just by examination results, but by where students get to as a result of their experiences at Brighouse High School. We aim to ensure that they are prepared for their future steps in education, employment and the rest of their lives. We want all students to enjoy their learning and achieve their own personal success, now and in the future.

We keep a close eye on the labour market so that we can prepare students effectively for the careers that will be in demand when they enter the world of work. For example, a recent West Yorkshire Labour Market analysis has shown that there will be an acute shortage of people to fill high level STEM occupations; there are gaps around digital skills and there is a considerable recruitment need for care roles.

By working together in partnership with students, parents, teachers, governors, employers, further education providers, partner schools and other stakeholders, our curriculum informs and shapes the journey of our learners, so that we really are ‘Together in Learning; Together in Life.’

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If you do require any further information about the curriculum, please contact Mr Brass, Deputy Headteacher.

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Curriculum Intent Statements
Tracking and Reporting

The attached Tracking and Reporting Timetable includes details of the dates each Progress Report is published for parents/carers together with details of our Parents’ Evenings and our Assessment Opportunities.

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