At Brighouse High School our SEND policy encompasses the SEN Code of Practice which aims to provide all students with access to Quality First Teaching and a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. Students with SEND are supported through in class support and, where it would be beneficial, withdrawal to attend workshops in literacy and numeracy as part of a modified curriculum. Students who require additional support for learning or behaviour in Key Stages 3 and 4 may have a modified curriculum which includes some additional on-site provision or off-site provision.  For further information about what we offer, please do read the SEND Information Report and do get in touch.

We welcome contact from parents/carers and prospective parents/carers.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact your child’s Head of Year or directly with our SENCO.


SEND Information Report

This SEND Information Report details how Brighouse High School will meet the needs of young people identified as having special educational needs.  The contents of the report adhere to the guidance presented in the SEND Code of Practice (2014).  The information report will be updated regularly, at least annually, to reflect changing practices within the school.

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