Student Leadership
Student Leadership

At Brighouse High School, we see Student Leadership as one of the essential strands of personal development.  We actively encourage students to take on leadership roles and strongly believe that this is vital in helping to develop the skills and traits needed for life beyond school.  Student Leadership opportunities empower students to work in partnership with our staff towards our shared vision and ethos.

We offer a wide range of opportunities to develop and practise leadership skills which impact positively on teaching, learning and well-being for both students and staff.

Aims for our Student Leadership Programme

  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills and characteristics through a wide range of inspiring and challenging roles/opportunities which impact positively on the ethos of our school
  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff
  • To prepare students for life beyond school
  • To create a culture of pride and responsibility for staff and students
Student Prefects

The role of the School Prefect is an important one and if chosen, students will be accepting a position of considerable responsibility.  This exciting opportunity will help develop leadership skills and have a positive impact on the day to day life of our school.  Our School Prefects perform many roles including:

  • Being a role model to which other students should aspire
  • Being polite and courteous, smart in their uniform and having good attendance and punctuality
  • Represent the school at events throughout the school year eg Open Evening, Awards Evenings, Parents Evenings etc
  • Helping promote and lead activities at school eg charity events
School Council

Our school council plays an important role in making changes and it provides the opportunity for students to express their suggestions and feedback regarding our school. Brighouse High has a very successful council that really values students.  It has led to many suggestions becoming a regular part of the school day/community. Our council consists of several students from each year council. They can therefore relay information their year group has discussed. We also have Year 11 Senior Prefects in the council to help chair and organise sub groups.

All students take part in an intensive day of training at our Sixth Form College.  Students develop their ability to work together in groups and with students from different year groups as well as developing the skills to lead their own council meetings and plan projects to bring about the changes they want to see/happen.

Following training, the School Council meets at least once each term.  At their first meeting, several project focus areas for the year are chosen and members of the Council assign themselves to a project area.  The Project Groups work with staff volunteers and meet regularly working towards short, medium and long term deadlines.

Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders’ qualifications provide opportunities to young people to achieve their leadership potential through practical leadership experiences and sport.  Taking part in the programme will help students throughout their lives to become leaders and role models, whether in their future workplaces or in their communities through volunteering.

For further information please contact:  Mr T Baxter (Head of PE)

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

The DofE aims to empower young people by supporting them as they learn new skills, overcome obstacles, and build confidence and resilience. At Brighouse High School we recognise the importance of providing access to this prestigious award and actively encourage our students to get involved.

For further information, please contact: Mr J O’Farrell (DofE Lead)

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