Student Wellbeing

Need someone to talk to?

Feeling distressed or unhappy from time to time is normal, however if these feelings are persistent or are causing a lot of worry for a person you are concerned about then you may need to seek professional help.  You can speak to anyone working in school about anything that is bothering you, whether it is school related or something different.  You can speak to any member of staff in school with confidence or, if you prefer, you can report concerns via one of the following methods:

Respect Box
Respect Boxes can be found outside all pastoral and wellbeing offices.  Post your concern or request for help and it will be picked up by one of our wellbeing team.

You can access, complete and submit a Start Talking form through your BHS student email account.  Your concern or request for help will be picked up by one of our wellbeing team.  You MUST be logged onto your own student email account to access this form

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Online Resources

We have collated a range of online resources and support links for students, staff and parents.  Visit this document to find hyperlinks to those resources

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Additional Student Support
Peer Support

When a student is suffering from mental health issues, it can be a difficult time for their friends. Friends often want to support but do not know how. Sometimes it is possible that friends may learn unhealthy coping mechanisms from each other. Where helpful, on a case by case basis, we provide careful additional support to friends to help them both support their friend, and to protect and support them.  

Key Stage 3 Student Support

Working with MHST and Open Minds, we train and support our Key Stage 4 students to act as support members for our Key Stage 3 students.  We have Year 11 girls leading and delivering workshops to Year 7 girls in our Learning4Life sessions. These workshops cover Peer on Peer Abuse with a focus on the language/behaviour that is acceptable in a school environment and focus on giving students the confidence to report concerns to one of our EWB staff team.

School Council Support

Our School Council is proud to run a Mental Health and Wellbeing Project Group, who are developing an electronic support link and reintroducing the ‘respect’ box outside our pastoral offices. These two reporting systems are for those students who may be concerned about their own wellbeing and/or to raise concern for a friend.

Pride Society Club

Our Pride Society lunchtime club is open to anyone to attend who is looking to:

  • create artwork; 
  • learn about influential people from the LGBTQ+ community past and present; 
  • increase visibility within school; 
  • chat with other supportive people; 
  • discuss topical news stories; 
  • plan fundraising events and learn how to access further support.

For further information or details of the Pride Society club, please speak to Mr Lyne or ask your form tutor.

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